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Spoken World has delivered many projects over the years in community, educational and care settings, also involving staff in all our activities. We delight participants with interactive, entertaining and educational workshops and site visits. As well as storytelling we use other art forms such as music, creative writing, and mixed media visual arts.

the making of wessex

explored the stories brought to this region by different peoples over millennia, creating the  mythological layers that form the bedrock of our cultural landscape. We shared stories from the Bronze Age, Romano/Greek period and Germanic/Norse era. Then we fast forwarded to contemporary contributions from people who have come to live here from all over the world,

and whose stories keep our culture vibrant and evolving.

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To end all wars

was devised to commemorate the end of WW1. Combining primary age schoolchildren and learning disabled adults, we explored traditional stories of war and conflict from all the countries that participated in the fighting. The project also involved several site visits, a touring exhibition and the participants performing for each other and invited audiences.

Story share

was devised for elderly participants in care settings. As residents are often too frail to leave the residential homes, storytelling brought the outside world to them. Their own stories were valued and shared, contributing to their own unique calendar, with a page dedicated to each participant.


Sovereign nature

is an ongoing project reflecting Spoken World's interest in our relationship with the natural world and our sense of place.

Our nature giant is an ambassador for Somerset's wonderful natural landscapes and wildlife.

She also brings new audiences to storytelling, as stories about nature follow her appearances, often accompanied by crafting activities

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